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    Rush Lowe

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    I think you are right again!

    I like it!
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    Rush Lowe

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    Hey Pat

    How can I get rid of this YUKU crap?

    Any Idea how we ended up with it


    Reply from PJ Cambio:

    Supposedly they keep our EZ-board running concurrently, but when I tried to navigate to my old site when I switched over I wasn't able to. As for how we ended up on RN like that I have no idea - I thought only the "owner/administrator" could make the change, so I thought you had decided to make the leap - the only thing I can tell you is that you might want to contact the Yuku board support staff and see if they can switch us back.

    I personally prefer Yuku now that I have gotten the hang of the new format - you can put YouTube stuff directly in the threads, there are more emoticons, and you can access your photobucket directly from the board rather than having to go out copy reopen the board go back to the thread and paste - that was a pain in the ass - and many more features that EZboard didn't have, but it is up to you. In my opinion Yuku is better, just takes some getting used to.


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Music, intellectual discussion, baseball - watching and playing, when I can find a few adventerous souls that like to play.